Gaming Dungeon

Regularly hosting events, Deaf Ear offers one of the largest gaming areas in La Crosse free of charge!
In need of gamer gear?  We've got you covered!

Thanks to Deaf Ear's Gaming Dungeon located in the basement level of the store, you never have to be bored again!  Our space is large, on it's own separate floor and free to use for various events!  In fact, we are proud to offer one of the largest gaming spaces in La Crosse!  Come in any day of the week to game until close with your group.  Contact our friendly front counter staff if you have questions regarding reoccurring events or use of the Gaming Dungeon for a particular purpose!  Start up a weekly game at any time!  We are always happy to have new groups!


  • One of the largest gaming spaces in the region with hundreds of feet of gaming space
  • Gaming Dungeon is away from the retail floor creating an area exclusively for gaming and events
  • Lockers available for rent to store your items securely while you game with us
  • Microwave and TV for your use downstairs
  • Snacks and sodas sold upstairs
  • Dozens of tables for various gaming set-ups

Gaming Gear
No one can doubt that we love our games, gaming and nerd culture!  The Main Floor above the Dungeon is your one stop shop for all things gaming.  We have an awesome selection of:

  • Magic the Gathering cards both vintage, modern, new and used - come check out our selection.
  • We sell various box sets, card sleeves and lots more.  
  • Don't forget that there is a bright and shiny array of very affordable dice for you to choose from that we're pretty sure are enchantable and lucky.  
  • Many Warhammer paints, brushes, books and supplies by Games Workshop.  
  • Speaking of books we have many gaming manuals for your favorite tabletop games from Wizards of the Coast and others!  
  • Many games in box, card games like Munchkin and even vintage pop pieces that are out of circulation that you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else!  

Don't see what you need?  Drop by the store or shoot over an e-mail to see what we can do about placing an order for the item(s) you seek!

We sell sodas and snacks up at the front counter!  Replenish yourself then head back down into the depths of the gaming arena to victory and you'll find a microwave down in the dungeon!  We've thought of everything!

Current gaming events the Dungeon sees regularly:

  • Magic the Gathering Pre-Releases and Friday Night Gaming
  • Warhammer Competitions and Set Creation
  • Vampire the Masquerade LARP (Live Action Role-Play)
  • Munchkin Card Games for a casual fun time!

Special Events
Deaf Ear regularly hosts Magic the Gathering pre-releases and gaming competitions.  Friday Night Magic happens with regularity and there are Warhammer gaming groups with beautifully crafted table layouts for you to join or contribute to!  Vampire the Masquerade LARP (Live Action Role-Play) happens on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of each month. 

Don't see the type of gaming you're looking for?  No worries!  Start a gaming group of your own!  We would love to host you and your friends!  Check out our events page to find out about the next activity, latest happenings and special promotions.

Geek Rummage Sales
Looking to buy or sell all that is geek chic for a bargain?  Our Geek Rummage Sales have become a regular favorite!  An original idea by Deaf Ear staff and customers, we offer tables for $5 to $10 that our customers can reserve in the Gaming Dungeon for the event!  It's a great way to clean out your closest or find something you love for a steal!  Check out our website and Facebook to find out when we'll be having another!
We proudly sell lots of lucky gaming accouterments!

Flames of War Regionals hosted right here at Deaf Ear!

Have a quick question regarding 
events, buying or trade-ins?  
Drop us a line -

Costuming is just one of the many fun aspects of LARP!  Check out a character from one of Deaf Ear's Vampire LARP events!

Local customer and collector Jason Olsen and his table at our most recent Geek Rummage Sale looking to lighten his collection up!