Gaming Dungeon

Regularly hosting events, Deaf Ear offers one of the largest gaming areas in La Crosse free of charge!

In need of gamer gear?  We've got you covered!

Our gaming area upstairs plays host to DnD as well as Magic the Gathering games. Our space is large, on it's own separate floor and free to use for various events! Contact our friendly front counter staff if you have questions regarding reoccurring events or use of the Gaming Dungeon for a particular purpose.  Start up a weekly game at any time!  We are always happy to have new groups!

We proudly sell lots of lucky gaming accouterments!

Flames of War Regionals hosted right here at Deaf Ear!

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Costuming is just one of the many fun aspects of LARP!  Check out a character from one of Deaf Ear's Vampire LARP events!

Local customer and collector Jason Olsen and his table at our most recent Geek Rummage Sale looking to lighten his collection up!