The Smoke Shop

Over 21?  Head to the back of the shop check out Deaf Ear's infamous Smoke Shop!

We have everything you might need from glass, metal, wood, ceramic, water pipes, papers, and accessories!

Our Smoke Shop is constantly growing to bring you the latest and greatest in smoking innovations!  What can you expect to find?  

Here's just a bit of what we regularly carry:

In our glass cases you can expect to find everything and anything from the most affordable economical pipes up to one of a kind hand-blown head pieces.  We strive to bring you the best the world of glass has to offer.  The Smoke Shop features pieces from nationally famous glass-blowers such as Hamm's Waterworks Glass and Bearclaw.  It also showcases glass from internationally known companies like Chameleon, Dynamite, Roor, Zob and Pyramid.

Deaf Ear also advocates for local artists of all types including the Midwest's glass blowers.  If you are interested in selling your pieces in our smoke shop please do not hesitate to contact us!  Want to shop local?  You can easily find the pieces specifically made in Minnesota and Wisconsin by searching for the green tags on our smoke shop merchandise.
Stop by today to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff and see our affordable prices.

Head in and check it out.

Please note you MUST BE TWENTY-ONE to visit Deaf Ear's Smoke Shop.  All transactions in the shop require verification of age.  

Referencing any illegal activity will result in a refusal of service.  

Thanks for your cooperation in keeping our shop a legal, safe and adult space!

Best quality pipes in the area!

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